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In the days when the British merchant fleet crossed the world the hats produced by Try & Lilly were seen in every port marked on maritime charts. In the 1860’s Try & Lilly specialised in seamans caps for most of the steamship lines. One of the great strengths of the company at this time was the geographical location of Liverpool, the home of the British merchant fleet.

The company originated in Hanover Street, Liverpool where one Alexander Legge made uniform caps and tweed headwear. Mr Try & Mr Lilly took over the company at the beginning of the 19th century and ran it until 1958 when the first of the Jennions family became involved.

Today Try &Lilly manufacture caps for police forces throughout the UK and Scotland, the Ministry of Defence, airlines, corporate clothing suppliers and overseas military organisations. In recent years, Try & Lilly have seen a rise in the demand from overseas markets where quality uniform caps, manufactured in England are required.

Try & Lilly are at the forefront of uniform cap design and will create bespoke solutions for the customer’s needs.