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About us

A tradition of excellence

At Try & Lilly, we’ve been manufacturing high quality headwear since 1864. Today, our bespoke uniform caps are worn by police, military and service personnel around the world.

Every cap is made by the highly skilled tradespeople at our factory in Liverpool, carrying on a tradition of craftsmanship, innovation and excellence that has lasted over 150 years.

Our products

Great hats for great people

Try & Lilly manufactures caps worn by service personnel around the world including army, navy, air force, marines, police, paramedics and more. We make uniform caps for an array of other organisations including security and transportation companies.

In the leisure sector, Try & Lilly makes fashionable headwear for a variety of retailers and major brands, including a line of 100% vegan hats.


The science of comfort

Introducing AIROLIGHT™ – developed exclusively by Try & Lilly for maximum breathability and optimum comfort. By allowing air to flow in and out of the cap while fitting naturally to the wearer’s head, AIROLIGHT™ helps make a tough job easier and we use it in all our finest caps and hats.

Our expertise

Cap and hat design experts

With over 150 years of hat-making experience to draw on, we’ll listen closely to your requirements and design headdress to your exact specifications.

Try & Lilly has kept traditional hat making alive and well in Liverpool for generations and our highly skilled craftspeople are ready to manufacture your order efficiently, sustainably and to the highest standard.

Case studies

Our track record

From the MoD to British Airways and on to the vegan hat brand Fabrikk, Try & Lilly makes headwear for a diverse clientele in the UK and across the globe.

Our case studies include some of our biggest and most interesting hat making projects in recent years. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.


How to care for your cap

Has your headwear been marked, scuffed or soaked? Follow our five top tips on caring for your uniform cap.

  1. If your cap has a wire in the crown then remove it before wearing the cap.

  2. If the fabric gets marked, use a damp sponge or cloth to remove the marks.

    Important: Do not use detergent or soap as this can result in fading.

  3. If the patent peak gets marked, polish with a soft, dry cloth.

  4. When your cap gets wet, allow it to dry naturally away from direct heat.

    If it came with a wire in the crown, replace this to maintain the shape of the cap while it dries.

  5. To clean the inner headband, wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge.